Elevator Rush

We got the Topic "Divided we stand united we fall" and had 36 hours to create a game.


Your goal is to transport as many people as you can without letting them die. Hover over one person with the mouse and click 1, 2 or 3 on your keyboard to make them go to the elevator of your choice. But be careful! An elevator can only carry a maximum of 8 people. If you overfill an elevator it will crash (united we fall).

The game is lost when one elevator crashes.

Avoid the chicken!
If you see a chicken, DON'T let it run into your people! It will explode and kill everyone around it!  You can avoid the chickens by clicking on the people, making them stop for a few seconds. But be careful! A person can only handle two clicks. After the third click they will die.



Main programming - Lukas Paul
Programming & Environment - Florian Friedrich
Programming & Sound - Florian Rammerstorfer
Character & Animation - Daniel Poschinger



Lukas Paul

Florian Friedrich

Daniel Poschinger

Florian Rammerstorfer